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From JD and Tory's Story (untitled, unedited, and subject to change)

March 20, 2019

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From JD and Tory's Story (untitled, unedited, and subject to change)

March 20, 2019




I watched JD watch me from the opposite side of the elevator. Both of us saying nothing but everything at the same time.   We’d just left Mangoes and were now in my apartment building, on the way up to my floor. He stood there, book bag slung over his shoulder, legs parted, toothpick hanging out the corner of his mouth, with the brim of his hat back to blocking his face.  


“Whatchu over there thinking about?” He drawled reminding me how much he went back and forth between his down south and D.C. accent. The shit was sexy. He was sexy. My blinders were truly on in college.  


 I wet my lips, gripping onto the handrail. “When are you gonna tell me how much you want me... friend?”  No point in pretending anymore. The sexually charged energy passing between us at the restaurant was still very present and I was far from the shy type.  With the addition of alcohol in my system, some crude expletives were dancing at the tip of my tongue.  


“You know,” he pulled the toothpick from his mouth and took a closing step towards me. “I was waiting on the same thing." 

He tilted my chin up towards him. “You so fucking sexy, T.” 


 I’d never heard JD call me anything other than Tory and now I didn’t want to be called anything but that lone letter. Every single nerve ending was on high alert as his lips hovered over mine.


I grabbed a fistful of his shirt in an effort to accelerate our first kiss but he wouldn’t budge.  


“Nah, T. We’re crossing a line and I need to hear you say it.” My breathing was erratic as was his. “Tell me what you want from me.”  It came out like a growl yet still drenched in need.  


My grip tightened. “I want you to kiss me.”    


“That’s all you want?” His lips dropped to my neck, grazing not kissing. I never thought I’d enjoy being tortured this much. 


“JD,” I expressed in a playful yet threatening tone as his he continued to move about my neck.  My hands dropped to the zipper of his jeans. If he was betting on me taking what I wanted from him, he’d be a rich man. I was only patient when it came to my art. 


He stepped back and went to his side of the elevator placing the toothpick back in his mouth.  Smirking.  “I don’t think a kiss is the only thing you’re after, friend.” 

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