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TAMA (a sample that may lead to no where)

Keep my head down and focus.

That’s all I come to work to do. 

I don’t want to awkwardly talk to you while I’m getting my morning coffee about what your unruly child did yesterday or how your shitty spouse’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to get them. I just want to come in this office, sit in my cubicle, and do my damn work unbothered.

The only reason my coworkers attempt to pull me into a conversation is because they think I’m some assumed charity case. I’m sure my outfits don’t help the situation, but quite frankly I didn’t get this job based on my style of dress. Call it weird or eccentric, but I didn’t lose a paycheck trying to stay fashionable. The thrift store was good to me. Even with these thick white knee high socks, black chunky rubber caged sandals and this fitted cotton purple and pink floral dress I had on today, I was still third in command of my department, which was a result of two promotions in the past year. 

So yeah...my weird outfit and name having ass will keep on keeping on.

I’d just replied to what was literally my 50th email when I felt a presence standing at the entrance way of my cubicle.

“Need to speak with you in my office,” my dictator of a boss said coldly.

He was so stereotypical. Had to flex his muscles to show you who was in charge as if his obnoxious size of an office didn’t tell us that every damn day.  Ask you about paperwork he knows you already did. Thirsting for importance.

Fucking idiot.

 If he wasn’t such a jerk, he could actually be a decent human being because he wasn’t an unattractive man. Out of shape, yes, but still attractive. 

I rolled my eyes, uncrossed my folded legs out of my desk chair, and followed behind him.

As I walked down the long hallway towards his office, I could see the people on my floor trying not to stare in my direction. This was probably the equivalent of going to the principal’s office and I’m sure as quiet as it was now, the minute I stepped into that office, the gossip would commence about what I had gotten in trouble for. 

I sat in the chair opposite him and crossed my legs as he closed the door. He sat down in his big brown leather chair and leaned back in it.

“You know why I called you in here, right?” his brows furrowed. 

I pushed my thick solid black framed glasses up a bit.  “Yes, I’m aware.”

“Ok, so what do you have to say for yourself?” He tapped his fingers together as his salt and pepper hair glistened from the sunlight coming through the large windows. If I was him, I would spend my time taking in this gorgeous view rather than bothering his employees. 

“What I have to say?” My eyes met his and narrowed. “I say don’t fucking interrupt me while I’m trying to work.” I uncrossed my slender legs and stood up, leaning forward, placing my hands on the front of his desk.

“I’m sorry what?” He leaned forward seemingly perturbed.

“I said don’t fucking interrupt me. Get your shit together before I take this stapler and shove it up your pasty ass,” I picked it up to show him.

His breathing picked up, before his eyes lowered.  “It’s been two days Tama, you know how I get.” 

He was like a puppy waiting by the door for their owner to come home. Yes, I knew exactly how long it had been. That was on purpose.

Impatient ass.

“Oh, is that what the fuck this is about?” I stood up and placed my hands on my hips. “Go lock the door and assume the position.”

Damn near in a scramble, Allen hopped out the seat and went to turn the locks. I hiked my dress up and sat on the edge of his desk with my legs fully cocked open.  I didn't wear underwear regularly unless it was that time of the month or I was doing a half ass attempt at being modest.  He was lucky today was one of the days that I didn’t feel like giving a fuck and opted for full commando.

Allen stood in front and lowered himself down until he was at eye level to my spread eagle.

I leaned forward and clenched my petite hands around his fat neck, damn near choking him. “You interrupted me so you better make me fucking cum.” 

His face turned red while repeatedly nodding.

Allen got to work eating me out like an F5 tornado as he pulled out his manhood and began stroking himself. We never had sex. Inhaling my pussy was his kink and I would never say no to a head job no matter how short the duration.  I let my head fall back as I quickly released everything into his nagging ass mouth.   He moaned letting me know he was cumming himself. 

Predictable five minutes as usual with a questionable stain on the office blue carpet that the cleaning ladies were probably tired of seeing by now.  

Allen sat back in the chair I started off in, looking noticeably exhausted. I stood up and fixed my dress back to normal.

“Allen?” I said as smoothed my hands over my high, tight bun


“I think it’s time for me to get a new car. Don’t you?”

He nodded. “I think so. You need something red.”

“Red? Your wife drives red. Don’t insult me,” My neck rolled as I adjusted my frames. “I want something yellow. That’s more of my speed.” I corrected.

“I’ll research it.”

“You better.” I raised an eyebrow and gave him one more threatening look before I left out of his office and went back to my desk. 

“Hey, are you okay?” 

James from Accounting walked into my cubicle with his hands in his pocket. 

I lowered my head and smiled shyly. “I forgot to turn in the report he asked me for last week. You know how he gets.” 

James reminded me of myself in so many ways which made me borderline giddy whenever he came around. He was an outcast, not by choice, but because of his interests and how he carried himself.  His shoulder length locs weren’t twisted in an organized manner and he religiously kept them in a low, loose ponytail. He not so subtly hid his vintage t-shirts behind nearly opened button downs and wore these dingy brown loafers that everybody but me loathed. He was the color of my creamed coffee with a model worthy smile he didn’t share often. 

“You know I do. But hey,” he looked around before grazing his hand gently down my cheek. “We’re still on for tonight, right?”  

I nodded feeling my stomach do a set of flips.

James was my newest…uh client




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