Robert Gaines carried his family out of poverty and into a life most couldn’t even fathom—let alone dream about. Signing his name on the dotted line, allowed him to build an empire and give limitlessly to those he loved. Despite his public persona, Robert is regarded for less admirable reasons by his three sons.

When the curtain is peeled back…

Cornell, Morris, and Clark Gaines are three broken men who are constantly battling their individual demons, while making life bearable for themselves in the roles their father thrust upon them. Along with their status, comes complicated love lives with women who prove to be more challenging than their own dad.

Everything comes with a price…

An unexpected series of events set off a chain reaction that threatens to blow their lives apart. No one could have predicted just how much Robert Gaines leveraged to rise and maintain his place at the top. Scandals and secrets swarm as the three Gaines heirs attempt to hold on to their humanity long enough to figure out why their world has suddenly turned upside down. They’ll all learn that when making lofty deals, pay attention to the fine print because... the devil is in the details.